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Unittus Good Way to Get Trusted on Internet

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Unittus Good Way to Get Trusted on Internet
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uListing Presented By:
Martin Kuipers
Australia Australia

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Millions of people every day are looking for new people to join their business, buy their products or services every day... 

maybe U too?

I don't care what product or service, or business people are involved with, this concept will blow your mind how powerful it is.... and it can also make U money while you sleep.

Imagine what would happen if you had a system that cost NOTHING to start using and enabled anyone to IMMEDIATELY start promoting themselves, their products and services, their business, an event, or anything they want.

the potential knowing NO ONE else in the world has this system and it's protected by 6 patents and a 

Federal Trade mark. 

I want to introduce you to UNITTUS, an incredible platform for introducing U to the world, the most powerful marketing engine I have ever seen in 25 years in business.

How would you like to get PAID to SOCIALIZE with family, friends and businesses around the world? Facebook, Google+, Skype didn’t pay you to do it, so now it’s our turn with UnittusClick here to join for free.  Check it out!


Is your public profile listed on Unittus yet? It’s the perfect place for any business or personal profile.

It's a fact that it's really hard to trust people online, professionally about business opportunities, or personally about anything. However, I believe Unittus is a tool that addresses that. Everyone's profile is key; it gives you that information you need, telling more about you and more about me, so that good decisions can be made by everyone. Unittus brings trust into our lives… 

Everyone is going to Unittus to find PEOPLE… and YOU! It’s a 100% private profile.

Unittus is the only and unique The First People Search and Social Network Engine in the World

Unittus has taken the best of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Skype, Twitter and many other major platforms to create the ultimate ‘people search’ and connection platform. Meaning everything’s been brought into one platform. 


If you want to learn more, check out this recorded webinar of an interview with the founder of Unittus explaining WHY Unittus is starting to create such a major paradigm shift online.


 Watch the First of 3 Short Video, give you the understanding of how powerful Unittus will be in the future….

1/ Unittus Get Paid to Socialize, Introduction 5min Video

2/  Brilliant Video explained what the difference between Google, Facebook can't do!  What Unittus can do! 5min Video 

3/  uMax Introduction 2.37min

 4/ Founder Jon Astore Interview Explains what Unittus is all about (1 hr presentation)



Why not get a FREE Unittus Social Member Account while you’re there 

  and build a FREE Public Profile so everyone online can find YOU or You find them!

- FREE to build your profile

- FREE to do searches for others

- FREE to chat, voice or video call with others in Unittus


Everyone goes to Google to search for content… Facebook search Social Media… 

Everyone will go to Unittus to find people… and YOU… so make sure you get found.


As if that’s not good enough, Unittus shares revenue back with people like you and I who help them succeed! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the others don’t even think to share revenue back with us, even though we spend hours on their pages and by the very act of using them to connect we promote them to all our friends. We make them billions of dollars in ongoing referrals to our network. Now it’s our turn to get paid!! It’d be nice to enjoy an extra weekly payday, don't you think?

Here are some facts about Unittus, for your consideration and to share with everyone you come in contact with…

•  Founded in 2011

•  Beta launched January 2012, with a stated 10 year vision towards building the true People's Company, generating billions in revenue.

•  We are now in our 21st month since launch, with 100% uptime, and 100% delivery on time of weekly commission checks since day one. Meaning launched on September 2nd 2013 uMax compensation plan,

•   We have members in 100+ countries growing exponentially.

•   We have been awarded a federal registration Trade Mark for the name Unittus, by the US Patent and Trademark office

•   We have multiple patent pending technology & intellectual property applications already secured with the US patent and   

      trademark office.

•   We are committed to create a universally accepted brand that all can benefit from around the world that that are interested in high level connectivity between people common interest.

Just launched September 2, the uMatrix remuneration model is the world’s first in People Search Engine history.  

So be first in, best dressed. Click Here to get started into Unittus business paid $35

This is how simple and easy it is…  

Join for Free with Unittus 

Explore Unittus for Free with the free package for as long as you like

If you want upgrade to uMAX for $35 per month (with amazing benefits), you’re placed automatically into a 3x8 Level Forced Matrix. It’s a natural way to simply socialize online and earn money as you do; there’s no hard sell. You get paid to socialize with people, and you can earn up to $25000 per month! You only need 12 people in your matrix (and that includes people introduced by anyone else in your team) to be self-funded for your $35 per month. 

Pretty easy. Imagine if Facebook was paying us like this. We’d all have pretty decent incomes just going about our normal, online business. And you can promote your business with Unittus to the world… How cool is that!


If you have questions ask me… I’m happy to help. Martin 

http://www.unittus.com/profitsharing - Join for free. Check it out! I will communicated with you inside with Unittus…

http://www.unittussocial.com/profitsharing   Unittus Social Community

http://www.unittus.biz/profitsharing Unittus business Opportunity 

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