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Trond Hov
Norway Norway

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Welcome to TraDesto, your new best friend in the world of trading.

Mission and Vision

TraDesto is a global social trading hub and network with the objective of helping people worldwide become more profitable at making money online through social trading by copying the strategies of successful traders. Unlike most other online brokerage firms, TraDesto is not a market maker and does not have a dealer desk that looks for opportunities to earn more money from its clients by taking positions against them.

TraDesto has one clear endeavour: To help all people SHARE MORE, EARN MORE and TRADE MORE through the TraDesto Social Trading Hub.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to provide the fairest, most transparent, most user-friendly and most rewarding social trading platform for everyone, including experienced and novice investors, traders, business people and anyone else who wants to share their knowledge and strategies in trading.


    Our vision is to become the leading online social trading brokerage globally by using innovative technological advancements to further improve transparency, fairness of trades and competitive pricing and offers great rewards to all who support the building of the social network. Armed with a strong mission, realisable vision and a strategy to guide us, we aim to influence the course of global economic development by motivating people from all over the world to become involved in social trading. This can potentially create newfound wealth and income for millions of people that is ultimately channeled back into creating additional wealth in communities worldwide. At TraDesto, we truly want to see the people who use our trading hub awaken to financial abundance every day.

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