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Salix Alba Anti Ageing Day Night Moisturiser 1isting

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Salix Alba Anti Ageing Day Night Moisturiser 1isting
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Michael Faust
Australia Australia

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My wife and I have spent 30 years helping people achieve better health, fitness and beauty.

As a man I like things to be simple.  My wife is a qualified beauty therapist and got me into a skin care routine in my early 20's and I am so glad she did.

I just turned 50 and I am looking good if I don't say so myself.

I recently was introduced to a company called Salix Alba out of the UK that created an amazing skin care product that has impressed me to no end.

I have fair skin thanks to my German heritage and have lived much of my life under the Australian sun enjoying many years at the beach, fishing, boating and playing outdoor sports.

My skin has suffered as a result but Salix Alba has repaired much of the sun damage and given me a radiant, healthy glow that others have noticed.

I love the fact I could replace my exfoliator, day cream, night cream, eye cream, serums, etc which simplified my daily routine and reduced my cost of maintaining good skin.

Below is a video that explains WHY this all natural product is winning awards and being claimed as a nature's miracle.

Go to www.lekker.lekkerworld.com to learn more and to order

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