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Salix Alba Natural Anti Ageing Skincare

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Salix Alba   Natural Anti Ageing Skincare
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Adrian Lawson
Australia Australia

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About Us

Our dedicated team is based in the beautiful English Lake District, known world wide for its inspiring scenery.

We believe that we have created the best natural anti-ageing products available anywhere today.

Our pure water source is close by - a very important ingredient in our creams. This water contains the only known source in the world of naturally occurring salicin. We were inspired to create a revolutionary new anti-ageing cream. The results are amazing!

Salicin is a natural beta-hydroxy acid, which exfoliates the skin by breaking down the outer layer of dead skin cells, allowing healthy cells to rise to the surface, bringing a healthy, youthful glow to the complexion.

The water comes from the English Lake District’s Cartmel Valley aquifer, renowned for its curative powers since the 12th century. This aquifer water has filtered down through the fells, once covered by prehistoric White Willow forests, which are the source of naturally occurring salicin. Many leading skincare brands use chemically derived Salicylic Acid to help regenerate the skin's appearance, however Salix Alba is the only completely natural formulation on the market.

"We take the gift of natural Salicin from nature, and infuse the pure water with our potent, naturally active ingredients, to produce for you an anti-ageing formulation of excellence.”

Salix Alba comprises a carefully balanced combination of minerals, including skin enhancing calcium and magnesium, combined with natural anti-oxidants to fully replenish and revitalize skin.

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