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It's healthy sugar it's sweet n simple it's

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It's healthy sugar it's sweet n simple it's
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Patrick Dooley
Australia Australia

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Now, The reason Ludaxx is being so well received around the world is simple, it’s because the products work, they make you feel better, look better and feel happier.  Many segments of society can greatly benefit from them and only available at Ludaxx. Currently we have a product suite of 3 they work in synergy with each other, in other words the results of all 3 is better than if you take them individually.

  • Firstly we have F21 our allnatural sugarblocker - In simple terms if you want to protect yourself and block sugar from going into your blood, F21, does that.
  • Secondly - Our product PEARL it stands for – Power, Energize, Anti-Age, Rejuvenate, and Life the name speaks for itself and the ingredients have been used in traditional Asian medicines successfully for a long long time.
  • Finally KonLi Tea™ which stands for Health and Beauty it is breakthrough formula which cleanses and nourishes it is designed to enhance the body's resistance to stress, anxiety and fatigue, and is based on ancient practices in Asia.

A great thing to know is that the products are just one part of this business model. The support provided by Ludaxx transcends industry standards and the training provided by our team is without peer. The personal and business growth our members receive is life changing and many achieving what they only once dreamed about.

The research on all the ingredients is in the public domain and easy to find.

Let me leave you with this – The GreenPool report of October 2012 found the average consumption of sugar per capita in Australia to be 42kg. Now if you times that by lets say 20 million Aussies and then times that by lets say $2.00 kg it works out to be about $1.6 Billion. We project to take 1% of that market in the next 18 months which works out to be $160 Million, Ludaxx would pay out 50%, to promoters. The USA market is nearly 20 times that.

The question is how much of that pie would you like to have as a recurring monthly income?

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