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FINALLY a way to get out of Digital Jail

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FINALLY a way to get out of Digital Jail
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William "Bill" Christofferson
United States United States

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Our Ursa HMG  (Hybrid Media Gateway) will allow you to unleash the true power of your HDTVs far beyond what you can do with cable, satellite or one of those new concoctions they are trying to get you to switch to.

For a summary breakdown of what Nuclius can do, see below. Keep in mind that this list details everything that Ursa can do right out-of-the-box, not future capabilities. The full details can be seen here.

  • Hundreds of Standard and Premium HD Channels
  • Thousands of Internet Television Channels
  • Powerful Program Guide with Cloud-Based DVR
  • Completely Portable HDTV Service
  • Extra Large Capacity Cloud-Based Storage
  • One Main Nuclius Box... Ursa for Multiple TVs
  • View Live TV and DVR Content While Mobile
  • Integrated Premium Digital Phone Service
  • Several Packed Program Package Options
  • Powerful Instant Messaging
  • Social Networking (Seamless Facebook & Twitter Integration)
  • Browse The Web On Your TV
  • Rent, Buy, Share & Gift Your Favorite Movies
  • Premium Music & Pay Per View
  • Secure Online Shopping, Multiple Custom User Profiles, Interactive Advertising, Local Weather and much more awaits you in the Nuclius Ursa universe.

This product promises to revolutionize the Telecommunication Industry. We are hopeful you will support our Kickstart Campaign to bring more of these units into Global existence. Please click on http://kickstart.trinitivision.com to read more and also the many gifts we are giving for your referrals.

Call Us Today: http://www.trinitivision.com. Allow us to Explain the merits of owning and Referring people to purchase our system. WE are looking for a Distribution force!

Bill C 5-507/322-4481, trinitivision@gmail.com

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