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Exciting Opportunity PAYCATION

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Exciting Opportunity PAYCATION
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Cornell Jones
United States United States

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Good Day, 

We are building a Team of Winners with the most powerful Company, Compensation on the planet, worldwide.  YOU WILL EARN WHILE YOU LEARN A NEW SKILL IN A TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY .We will be hard at work for your family time and quality of living.  ALL WORK AND ALL PLAY at the same time!


Paycation is a 10 year old established travel company. Paycation has created a rock solid Home based business opportunity that will give people an opportunity to walk away from corporate America and take control of their financial future.

The Paycation Travel Club (PTC) is a way to travel the world at great prices and have a worldwide home based business opportunity. Paycation Travel is one of the leading providers of travel services and travel education in the world and it utilizes an outstanding group of travel partners that help Paycation provide the best values for its Vacation program and member base. The world is ever changing and with the increased use of the internet as the method of choice for booking travel, Paycation is leading the way in this 8 Trillion dollar industry, offering a unique home based business opportunity to let you achieve success with this exciting industry.

Paycation features a unique 3D compensation plan that pays weekly and monthly.

  • Weekly payment of Personal sales bonuses and coded earnings.
  • Monthly Residual 3x7 Power Matrix. (20% on Level 5, 6 and 7)
  • Monthly Residual Infinity Matrix Matches
  • Residual Coded builder Bonus

At Paycation, we believe that your new business should offer the opportunity to get you into a positive cash flow position as soon as possible. Our goal is to have your monthly fees paid out of "profit" and not "out of pocket". The pay system that we utilize allows this to happen and equally as important our compensation plan is designed to help your team succeed with you. The saying that "If you help other people succeed your success will automatically follow", becomes a reality with Paycation. It doesn’t matter if you have a part time interest or a full time desire to participate, success awaits you at Paycation.


1. View the  Video - http://freedomgroup.paycation.com- 5 Minute 

2. Message From the President: LISTEN TO OUR 24/7 PRE-RECORDED BUSINESS CALL: 646.222.0102

3. View the Compensation Plan: https://secure.paycation.com/agentarea/marketing_tools.asp

4. EMAIL ME - Ready to Join or Date you will Join

5. Join us:    http://freedomgroup.paycation.com

Cornell Jones Sr. 
Freedom Group Intl
Paycation TC 
Building Tomorrows Future.......    (if you are interested please respond - YES OR NO..... THANKS...... MORE TO COME.... 

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