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2 lame horses magic water = anti ageing miracle

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2 lame horses   magic water = anti ageing miracle
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Michael Faust
Australia Australia

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It took two lame horses to create Salix Alba anti-ageing skin care.....true story!

Two lame horses were put in a pasture and the farmer noticed the horses were drinking from a natural spring in the pasture and over a few weeks the horses health re markedly improved.

It turns out that the natural springs had been renowned for their health benefits since the 12th century with people coming there to collect the water seeking relief from a number of health complaints.

It turns out at the water contained ''salicin'', a naturally occurring ingredient in Willow bark. The springs were in the Cartmel Valley district of northern England where ancient willow forests dominated the region and over the centuries the water table became rich in salicin.

Aspirin comes from Willow bark. Salicin is also a natural beta-hydroxy acid that helps ex-foliate the dead skin cells allowing new skin cells to come through creating a vibrant youthful glow to your skin.

Four years of scientific research went into developing the techniques that would allow the spring water to be used in the Salix Alba

formulation to  ensure the benefits could be retained.?

The spring water was voted world's best water in the world at the 2012 water awards in France drawing even more attention to the unique benefits of the magic ingredient in Salix Alba.

The Salix Alba product contains 100% natural ingredients, has no alcohol or parabens, and no animal testing is used to create the new leader in anti-ageing skin care products.

Discover just how amazing the Salix Alba anti-ageing products are and order some today.

One product to replace your Day, Night and Eye Cream used morning and night for men and women simplifying your daily skin care routine and making it more affordable.

I am looking for people who want to spread the word about this miracle anti-ageing breakthrough.

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To order and try the product go to www.lekker.lekkerskinandbeauty.com

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