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URGENT May be your last chance to SUCCESS

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URGENT May be your last chance to SUCCESS
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Carmela Domingo
Thailand Thailand

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YES, this does apply to YOU.  

Did you know you are in danger of losing your Founder Position with www.Unittus.com ? 

IF you did not know, you will be removed from the role on uMax this Saturday, because your subscription has expired.  If that does not bother you, then you can ignore this warning.  But, be aware, that there are 1000's of subscribers joining Unittus weekly, and the web traffic is tripling every month.  Now of course we know Google and FaceBook cannot triple web traffic, but as Unittus gets to their size, those that stayed with the founders will be VERY PLEASED.  

Unfortunately, right now you will not be one of the founders, UNLESS you upgrade your position. Go to www.Unittus.com and put in your email and password.  go to the Members Section, place a valid credit card on file.  You can then upgrade to uMax and stay active, and get all the benefits of founding member. 

Oh Yes, before I forget, Tomorrow, the 6 month FREE Back office will no longer be FREE, so anyone upgrading after today, will pay not only the $35 uMax fee, but also $24 for 6 month back office.  

SO, IF you are thinking of WAITING....DON'T WAIT......Call or Write if you have a problem.  I am HERE TO HELP:


66-84-331-1776, in USA 1-850-417-7187

Thanks for your attention, 



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