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MODERE Become a MODERE Early Adopter Today

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MODERE Become a MODERE Early Adopter Today
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Tyler Derousselle
United States United States

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If you got a message from me...we really should talk. If you didn't get a message from me...we really should talk...Some things you brush off. This is not one of them. I am launching a retail business with social marketing...I'd say that's pretty historic.... Please Email me for invitation to check out what we have to offer: Derousselletyler@gmail.com or simply fill out invitation form Click here

Become a MODERE Early Adopter Today

You only get one shot to get off to a strong start and lucky for you, your shot is NOW. There are just days left for you to become a MODERE Early Adopter. Pre-order your Home Conversion Kit by September 1, 2013 to secure your spot on the list!

The Home Conversion kit is valued at over $1,000 but Early Adopters pay just $599. As a MODERE Early Adopter, your sign-up fee will be waived and you will also receive:

$600 of Modere's finest lifestyle products
2 tickets to Pulse, the MODERE pre-launch event ($400 value)
Free shipping on your kit
$100 commission on every Early Adopter who joins your team and purchases a Home Conversion Kit
Lifetime recognition as a MODERE Early Adopter
An exclusive Early Adopter gift
25% raise on your first check when you bring in your first 10 customers by September 30, 2013*
Double bonuses on every personal rank advancement from now until September 1, 2014--potentially totaling over $25,000 in cash

Old school is out. New school is in. Shift your thinking and be one of the first to experience the MODERE way of life! Pre-order your Home Conversion Kit today and you will not be charged until your kit ships during the first week of September.

The clock is ticking.

*to qualify for 25% raise on first commission check you must acquire a minimum of 10 customers and a total of 500 points from customer purchases

3 3=Free

How can you create your MODERE business with virtually no start-up cost? It's more simple than you ever dreamed.

First, find three people who understand the MODERE vision and introduce them to us. Once they commit to their own MODERE Home Conversion Kit, you will be granted three new access codes to share with three more people. We encourage you to duplicate this process as many times as you can. The harder you work, the more opportunities you will see unfold.

Naturally, we would like to see you recoup and EXCEED your initial spend of $599--our model allows you to do this quickly. It will take hard work and effort on your part, but you will find that the MODERE plan allows you to achieve success within realistic parameters.

Between now and August 31, your focus is to fill your own leader grid, and then help your leaders do the same. This is where you want to go all out. After all, you only have one shot to start strong and build your foundation.

Each time you personally enroll a business prospect, you earn $100, meaning that you will earn back your initial spend when you personally enroll just 6 individuals through the MODERE Electronic Non-Disclosure Agreement system.

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