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GOLD and Silver Dare To Compare

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GOLD and Silver   Dare To Compare
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AL Nalley
United States United States

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*Guaranteed For 4 Years

*Frequently Asked Questions

You Buy Gold or Silver and the price goes DOWN we WILL Buy the GOLD & Silver back for what you paid for it + the Shipping!

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CALL AL & Dave @ (850) 485-6668

*Buy-Back Guarantee

·         We Not Only Offer Our Lowest Prices When You Buy...
...But Also The Highest Prices When You Sell!

·         At Preservation Of Wealth, we help our Members every step of the way in protecting their wealth and providing peace of mind and security. We accomplish this with our tremendous portfolio of benefits as well as giving our customers the ability to purchase metals at the best prices available through our “Dealer-Direct” pricing model.

·         We also give our members the convenience and security of having the best outlet to sell their metals. Not only do our members receive incredible discounts on purchasing metals but also get the best buy back prices. This is known in the industry as a “complete turn”.

·         Buy-Back Policy:

·         In the future. if you decide to sell any precious metal bullion, as a valuable service to our members, Preservation Of Wealth allows you to sell these products back to us at the current market value determined by spot price of the moment we recieve the metal (unless otherwise agreed upon).

·         We typically pay the highest buy back rates in the industry. You must be a current member of Preservation Of Wealth in good standing to exercise this privilege.

·         For example, at any given time we are selling silver eagles for around $2.00 over spot and buying them back at $1.25 dollars over spot. (However, please note that these prices fluctuate from time to time depending on the market. Please check Shopping Cart for current pricing...)

·         As we come across bullion at even lower rates, we offer special buying opportunities, our Members can enjoy even deeper discounts on a first-come-first-served basis.

·         You are, of course, free to sell to others, but we believe that you may receive more for your metals through to Preservation Of Wealth. We do not charge any additional fees or commissions when making purchases.

·         Our buy-back policy is a voluntary service to our customers and is subject to withdrawal or change without notice. Preservation Of Wealth must approve all buy back purchases in advance of sendig in your metal. We reserve the right to limit the quantities and types of precious metals. We'll even purchase bullion products from Members not originally purchased from Preservation Of Wealth.

·         At Cost Guarantee:

·         Preservation Of Wealth absolutely, positively guarantees that it’s members can buy all of the precious metals they want, at our true, “Dealer-Direct” at cost prices. Because of the huge purchasing volume of our thousands of members across the United States, Preservation Of Wealth receives the deepest wholesale price discounts. We pass those EXACT same prices onto our Customers. Preservation Of Wealth does not make one single penny from the sales of bullion to our Customers. We guarantee it!

·         OptionShip 4 Year Guarantee:

·         We also protect our Customers OptionShip coins with our exclusive and One-Of-A-Kind 4 Year buy Back Guarantee!

·         Regarding the Numismatic coins purchased through our OptionShip program, our Members can sell them back to us within 30 days of the 4 year anniversary date of that OptionShip purchase at the EXACT price they originally paid, This is REGARDLESS of market prices at that time. You must maintain a current account status through the 4 years to exercise this right.

This provides Customers with the greatest peace of mind knowing that their OptionShip coins hold guaranteed value

     * Frequently Asked Questions


  How is it that POW can offer precious metal bullion for such low pricing?
    Play Video--> http://youtu.be/A-68fGoQc70
 How are you making money if you don't charge an additional mark up?
    Play Video--> http://youtu.be/XVlpiGA-5I8
What are the main benefits offered in your benefits package?
    Play Video--> http://youtu.be/_7Em9ZwpZDI
How long has Preservation Of Wealth been around?
    Play Video-->  http://youtu.be/HQ8lt0_zUuM
Are the metals offered through POW the same metals I can get anywhere else?
    Play Video-->  http://youtu.be/8AkXGf8xrVs
What should I buy...Gold or Silver?
    Play Video-->  http://youtu.be/t4fL_at175I
Do I have to sell the POW Benefits Program to receive the at-cost pricing?
    Play Video-->  http://youtu.be/bFy6-7he2hE
Where do I login?
    Play Video-->  http://youtu.be/M67XjfnOB2w
What is Spot Price?
    Play Video-->  http://youtu.be/MZobYBKNUdk
When do I get paid?
    Play Video-->  http://youtu.be/gMZgD50SFz0
What is the minimum age requirement to be a sales rep?
    Play Video-->  http://youtu.be/fQCKPGWyGe0
Is POW open in other countries?
    Play Video-->  http://youtu.be/pF2Vw7mu_24
Can I advertise or make my own business cards?
    Play Video-->  http://youtu.be/4oMXtbnIQdk
How do I earn a commission with POW?
How does POW promote its products?
What forms of payment does POW accept?
    Play Video-->  http://youtu.be/jCttasvB3G0
Is the POW site protected and secure for transactions?
    Play Video-->

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