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Do you drink green tea

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Do you drink green tea
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Michael Faust
Australia Australia

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Do you drink Green Tea hot or cold or know people who do?

Do you know that Green Tea is the third most consumed drink in the
 after water and coffee

Did you know Green Tea has amazing health and slimming benefits?

Did you know that the bottled Green Tea cold drink  market in Australia/NZ is growing at 70% a year!

Did you know Lekker now has the #1 COLD Green Tea Drink
in the world
....as well as the most delicious green tea drink in the market.

It's so delicious I'm giving a 100% satisfaction guarantee

If you order TaoTi Green Tea and are not totally convinced

it is the best tasting green tea drink you've ever drunk I'll refund you 
100% of your purchase
....no questions asked!

5 Reasons to drink this delicious TaoTi Green Tea drink

1. Green Tea is renowned for it's health benefits due to it's high 

    anti-oxidant content and cancer fighting properties

2. TaoTi is the ONLY Green Tea drink to be naturally

    sweetened with the plant based sweetener, Stevia, and comes
   in 3 delicious flavours....Apple, Peach and Pineapple

3. TaoTi Green Tea contains 62.5% pure green tea is a great way to
    maintain to maintain a healthy waistline. Competitor green tea
    drinks have between 0.1% to 10% green tea content.

4. TaoTi Green Tea is the ONLY Green Tea made in Taiwan using
    traditional methods used for over 4,000 years to ensure the highest
    amount of health giving nutritional benefit is maintained.

5. 100% natural bottled TaoTi Green Tea drink is a delicious affordable 
    alternative to soft drinks, juices, energy drinks, and sports drinks that 
    can contain high amounts of sugar, harmful chemicals and caffeine.

If you would like to promote the hottest cold drink in the world and take
up the huge income opportunity on offer contact me or go to 

If you just want to order and try the product first go to

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