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Award Winning Team Needs Crew Members Some Pay

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Award Winning Team Needs Crew Members   Some Pay
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Prosper Club Luigi Quest
Israel Israel

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Award-Winning Producer and Director Still Needs Several Crew Members 

for their 5th Ultra Low Budget Feature Film in and around NYC...

Recent Grads, and/or Students can apply... The following positions are still needed:

1) Production Sound Recordist...

2) Two Gaffers

3) Two P.A.s (preferably with cars)

4) Two Interns (preferably with cars)

5) One MUA (make-up artist)

Folks, this is a Super Low Budget film, regrettably we can only offer you 

a couple of bucks, plus subway/bus money, plus an onscreen credit, plus 

a copy of the film, plus meals & snacks....

Sorry we can't pay more and Thanks In Advance for understanding...

Please get in touch with us about which position you're applying for. 

Thanks again...


*Compensation: Very Low Budget/Some $$ and Subway $ - Film Credit & Copy - Food & Snacks

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